Internal Linings

With a focus on the preparation, cleaning, and testing of blasted surfaces, we ensure that before the coating is applied, we are set up for success. Over the past 30 years we have streamlined our processes to ensure that jobs are completed on time, and to the exact specifications of our customer. We are capable of coating large spools and vessels up to 10′ in diameter in-house. We can provide coating application using either single-leg, or plural component airless spray equipment.

We are involved in and dedicated to following the highest standards of operation available from organizations such as NACE, NSF International, Society for Protective Coatings, and ASTM International.

We Specialize in:

Internal Lining of Pipe Spooling for NSF-61 Potable Water, Water Treatment Facilities, Waste Water, Oil and Gas, Waste Materials. 

Internal Lining of High Pressure Vessels, Highway Bulk Transport Tankers, Air-Recievers, Food-Grade Bulk Storage, NSF Potable Water Towers, Treaters, Tanks (Propane, Dry Bulk Storage, Gas. Oil, Etc.)