Before any job takes place, we establish the specifications by which the job processes must adhere. A job-specific Inspection Test Plan is made up to ensure the client and our staff are familiar with the specified processes that will take place. Hold and Inspection points can be created at this time to ensure that standards are met through every step of the process.


All of our inspection equipment is field calibrated before use, and recalibrated by manufacturer or by the manufacturers recommended facility annually.

Our Inspection capabilities include:​

Shore D Hardness Testing
Pull Testing
DFT Testing
Holiday Testing
Soluble Salts Testing
Surface Profile (Testex) Testing​

All Quality Control operations are handled by a NACE certified inspector.


When a job is complete, a Quality Control Inspection Form is filled out, outlining the process undertaken to complete the job.
This form includes all information regarding Pre-Blast inspection, Blast Inspection, Temperatures, Coating Application, Coating Inspection, as well as any repairs made during the process.